Mission of the profession: Consultant

The consultant works with companies to analyze and solve specific problems. It can operate in a wide variety of fields. It is an external provider who usually works in a cabinet but can also officiate as an independent.
How to become a consultant? Find here the missions, necessary training, remuneration of this profession.

Mission of the profession: Consultant

Missioned to the companies, the consultant aims to improve their operation in a particular field. He advises their general management on improvements to be made in the human resources sector, the general organization, or the customer relationship. It analyzes their problems, prescribes adapted solutions and accompanies their implementation.

Role of the consultant
consultant can be generalist or specialized in a particular field.However, it always acts according to an expertise process that meets specific standards.

In order to improve the functioning of a company, it will:
• analyze the needs and expectations of its client by listening and carrying out
• perform a pre-diagnosis to assess the feasibility and desirability of its mission;
• define the financial and human resources necessary for the smooth running of its mission;
• set up working methods by organizing a steering committee and working groups;
• define indicators to monitor its mission;
• analyze the existing situation within the company;
• develop different scenarios for the problem for which they were assigned, and present them to their client;
• plan and implement the chosen scenario;
• carry out a study on its mission in order to allow the best feedback possible.

Dimitri, consultant of a firm specialized in human resources with the CEO of the audited company. Photo credit: Le Parisien

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Becoming a consultant: Qualities required

The consultant is not always well received in companies. This is particularly the case in the services it has restructured. He must demonstrate excellent human qualities but also pedagogy. He must be a good communicator to get the best ideas.
To properly understand the problems of a company, the consultant must know how to listen to his interlocutors. Curious and responsive, he knows how to ask the right questions to best define his mission. Having a spirit of analysis and synthesis is essential to understand and transcribe its objectives.
Finally, the consultantmust know how to impose himself diplomatically on the heads of companies that have little time for him. He must often act alone and show a strong sense of initiative. Its rigor and creativity allow it to face new situations and to find adapted solutions.

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Consultant: career / possibility of evolution:

A junior consultant has little trouble finding a first job. The big firms are the biggest recruiters in the sector and know how to give newcomers a chance. Smaller organizations tend to be more cautious and prefer to hire experienced consultants who have already proven themselves.
During his career, a consultant will go from junior to senior and then manager . On the other hand, few are able to reach the rank of partner in a firm. However, they can start their own consulting firm .